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Home > Native American Movies > American Indian Stories (DVD)

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American Indian Stories (DVD)

Four great movies for kids!

Spirit Bear

This inspirational drama follows real-life teenager Simon Jackson (Mark Rendall), a quiet and awkward student who, after a remarkable encounter in the woods, almost single-handedly embarks on a successful crusade to protect the endangered Kermode Bear and its natural habitat. Graham Greene, Ed Begley Jr., and Katie Stuart co-star in this moving,environmentally conscious family movie now out of print as a single disc.

The Legend of Tillamook's Gold

Julie is a lonely 14 year old who has just moved to a small coastal town in Oregon. She has a dramatic, mystical encounter with a large Roosevelt Elk on the beach who’s fur has black hand prints on its neck. It uncovers an old Spanish gold coin in the sand which is linked to a local Native American legend and a long-lost mountain treasure. The Elk becomes Julie’s silent, watchful guide and protector as she becomes drawn to the legend of the Tillamook Treasure. With the help of her grandfather (Emmy nominee Max Gail, Barney Miller) and his friend, Standing Elk (Floyd Red Crow Westerman), Julie embarks on a fantastic mystical adventure to find the Tillamook Treasure.. Winner of six prestigious awards including two from the Kid’s First Film Festival. Best Children’s Film from the International Tiburon Film Festival, and Best Family Feature at the Fantasy World Wide International Film Festival. Filmed in the Pacific Northwest.


Russell Means and Margot Kidder star in this drama about a young man whose father is convicted of a serious crime and sent to prison. His family moves to be closer to where their father is incarcerated, but the teen quickly discovers that people look down on him because of his father's legal problems. Matters come to a head when the coach of his football team keeps him on the bench rather than letting him play, but soon the young man receives strength and guidance from an unusual source -- the spirit of Native American football legend Jim Thorpe.

Sign of the Beaver

Academy Award winner Keith Carradine (Nashville) and Annette O'Toole (Bridge to Terebithia) head an outstanding cast in this gripping coming of age survival saga in the tradition of My Side of the Mountain. A colonial family seeks a new life in the uncharted Maine wilderness in 1768. Their hopes, dreams, and survival as a family are put to the supreme test when Will, the father, is forced to leave his thirteen-year-old son, Matt (Brendan Fletcher), alone to protect their claim while Will returns home to retrieve the rest of his family and their belongings. Matt is eager to prove he is not just a boy, but loneliness, the threat of Indians, a menacing frontiersman (Maury Chaykin) and harsh conditions mark his dangerous vigil. When he meets a young Penobscot Indian distrust and hatred slowly turns into friendship that teaches Matt about survival, trust, understanding, and loyalty.



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