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Cascadia Flute circle

Cascadia Flute Circle was founded in 1999 and has grown into a wonderful community of eclectic flute players and musicians, including guitarists and percussionists, who share a passion for the Native American Flute. Often we will combine other instruments with the Native American Flute, in order to expand our musical horizons.

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Artistic Delights

Artistic Delights offers the lowest prices on tabletop fountain supplies and Indoor Misting Lighted Water Fountains. We carry indoor and outdoor water fountain and pond pumps, fogger/misters, submersible halogen fountain lights, polished stones. We specialize in Mister/foggers and misting lighted fountains.

The Great Trading Path

Native American Indian drums, crafts, art, baskets, beadwork, jewelry, greeting cards, pottery and South Eastern Indian history.

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Bear Claw Jewelry

Bearclaw Jewelry has custom designed Rings Bracelets Pendants Earrings and more since 1987. Specializing in engraving Native Chipewyan designs they have developed an emerging style and created unique and refreshing 21st century Native Art.

Sea Crest Crafts Jewelry and Bead Supplies

Beads & Jewelry Supplies with Findings. Beaded Jewelry, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets, Eyeglass Holders, Beaded Lighter Cases, Dreamcatchers, Patchwork, Crosses, and other Crafts.

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Finger Woven Sahes and Dance Panels

Waist & Leg Sashes plus Dance Panels, Finger Woven in Chevron, Diagonal, Lightning, Double Lightning, Ladder and Arrowhead. 100% Virgin Wool. I am Shawnee, but adopted Cherokee Bird Clan.

Pueblo Pottery Maine

Pueblo Pottery Maine provides authentic Pueblo Indian pottery and a select collection of Native American sculpture, kachinas, jewelry, textiles and carved fetishes from the Southwest United States. Member IACA, SWAIA.

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Indian Art and Collectibles

A unique array of Indian gifts, collectibles, decorated leather goods, willow dreamcatchers, beaded pipe-hawks, lances, walking sticks, Native American pictures, American Indian weapons and knives.

Also, handmade jewelry including buffalo horn and hair pipe chokers, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, antler jewelry, dreamcatcher earrings and carved bone items......... Created in the tradition of the mighty..............Sioux

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