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Home > Pow Wow Artists A-Z > Cozad > Songs of Our Old People
Old Time Round Dance Songs of Oklahoma

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Songs of Our Old People <br>Old Time Round Dance Songs of Oklahoma

For the first time ever, this recording brings together the traditional Round Dance songs of Oklahoma in a single collection. The songs heard on this recording belong to the traditional group of Round Dance songs that the Kiowa people received through their alliance and friendship with the people of Taos Pueblo. Many of the songs in this collection have not been shared outside of Oklahoma. They have been presented here with the encouragement of elder singers in order that they may be shared with future generations. Sung by some of the greatest young voices of the southern Plains, these beautiful songs have stood the test of time and are destined to live on for generations to come.

Kenneth Cozad (Kiowa/Comanche), Howard Cozad (Kiowa/Comanche), Steve Little Cook (Ponca/Otoe), Kelly Cable (Comanche), Kiowa Cozad (Kiowa/Osage), LeeRoy Chouteau, Jr. (Praire Band Potawatomi/Southern Cheyenne), Francois Persaud (Choctaw), Weston Tso (Dine'), JaRon Tso (Dine'), Nick Begay (Dine'), Bob Adson (Dine',/Comanche/Pawnee), and Raetava Yazzie (Dine')

It should be noted that there is a great interview with Joe "Fish" Dupoint where he explains how Round Dance songs were developed and traded or shared among the Taos Pueblo, Kiowa, and Comanache. He also shares stories of War Journey/49 Songs, Wind songs, Scalp Dance songs, Victory Dance Songs, Two-Step and War Mothers songs.

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